A successful workout routine needs a lot of motivation, discipline, and dedication to maintain.   Finding a work out partner is one way to spice things up and keep the motivation alive.  Who better to work out with other than your significant other?  Working out with your significant other has many benefits from improving your motivation to helping achieve your workout goals.


1. Achieving fitness goals faster

When working out alone, it is easy to come up with an excuse as to why you should not work out.  However, involving a workout partner you can rely on (someone like your spouse), can help you stay motivated and achieve your fitness goals faster.


2. Improved Accountability and Responsibility

When training with a workout partner, failure to be accountable means letting someone else down.  Hopefully, this thought will help boost your accountability and responsibility as you are less prone to make excuses.


3. Motivation Boost

Creating fitness goals with a workout partner can help you stay motivated and achieve your fitness goals faster.  This goes back to the fact that you have someone who boosts your motivation when it is low and vice versa.


4. Bonding time

Physical exercise produces feel-good hormones endorphins and dopamine. When you experience these feelings with your significant other, it can increase your relationship’s emotional bond.


5. A healthy and friendly competitiveness

Competition is for many people, a booster to success as it gives the zeal to work harder at our goals.  Therefore, including a healthy and friendly competition between you and your spouse can be helpful.


6. Spicing your workout routine

Getting too comfortable with the same workout over an extended period can lead to a generalized feeling of boredom. When you work out with another person, it is easier to go out of your comfort zone and try out new forms of exercise. It can spice up your exercise routine and help you to see fitness results.


7. Improving your relationship

During a workout session, our bodies release the feel-good hormones endorphins and dopamine, which results in feelings of joy.  When you share more of these happy moments with your significant other, your brain automatically associates your spouse with happiness, hence improving your relationship.


8. Diet Support

If you want to achieve positive fitness goals, it is necessary for you and your spouse to work on your diet as well.  You will encounter less temptation when you and your spouse both pursue this goal hence reaching your fitness goals much faster. Also, while choosing a sustainable diet, consider foods that you both like and create your meals around them.


9. Better Sex Life

Physical activity betters sexual performance, leading to higher sexual satisfaction.  It goes back to the fact that physical activity increases levels of testosterone which boost sex drive and arousal in men and women.  It’s also associated with a lower risk of erectile dysfunction. Now, if this isn’t a good motivation to start working out with your significant other regularly, then I don’t know.


10. Better Health For Both Of You

Physical activity not only helps with weight loss and weight management, but it also improves the cardiovascular and respiratory system, bone health, and blood circulation among others.  Therefore, when you and your spouse work out together, you both improve your physical and psychological health simultaneously.


11. Sharing Hobbies

When working out with your significant other, you get to share your hobby with them.


What is your take on working out with your significant other? What are some of the benefits that you experience? Meet me in the comment section below and share your ideas because I would love to hear from you.



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