I believe we have all heard that daily physical activity is essential. But why is that so?  Some couple of years back, I started thinking so much about good health and how to achieve it.

Aside from healthy eating and stress management, one thing that kept popping up was the importance of daily exercise. I quickly ramped up my exercise routine a notch.  That was only after my realization of how daily physical activity is essential for good health.

Here are 15 points that highlight why the daily physical activity is essential for all of us.


1. Weight loss and weight management

Daily physical activity is essential for weight loss and weight management.  It helps in maintaining a healthy weight by increasing the muscle mass and burning more calories.  In short, the more muscle you have, the more fat you burn.


2. Increase in metabolic rate

Metabolic rate – is the rate at which your body burns calories.  During exercise, you burn more calories than when at rest.  However, your metabolic rate at rest is enhanced when you exercise regularly.  It is because your body uses more energy to repair muscles and replenish glycogen stores.


3. Reduction in health risk factors

Daily physical activity is essential for you because it improves heart health.  It reduces your risk of cardiovascular diseases and Diabetes, among others.  As a result, it increases your chance of living longer.


4. Cardiovascular and respiratory improvement 

The cardiac muscle gets stronger when we exercise regularly. As a result, the heart can pump a higher volume of blood which improves the ability to bring oxygen to your muscles.  In turn, the lungs get stronger at supplying the body with the oxygen it needs.


5. Bone health improvement 

There is a loss of bone density that comes with age especially in women.  The resulting condition is known as Osteoporosis.  This risk dramatically reduces when we exercise regularly.


6. Gut health improvement

Daily physical activity is essential because it improves the blood circulation.  As a result, the digestive system receives more oxygen.  Consequently, it betters digestion and overall gut health.


7. Improved blood and lymphatic circulation

Daily exercise improves blood and lymphatic flow. The blood brings nutrients and oxygen to the cells.  On the other hand, the lymphatic system takes away waste products after metabolism and utilization of nutrients has taken place.


8. Detoxification

Our skin is our largest elimination organ, and we should strive to promote its health.  Promote detoxification through exercise.  When we exercise regularly, we sweat more. When we sweat, we release more toxins through the skin. As a result, detoxification of the body reduces acidity and inflammation which are a breeding ground for diseases.


9. Deep Breathing

Exercise naturally leads to deep breathing.  It occurs due to the high demand for oxygen.  More blood is circulated in the body when we breathe deeper. The circulation leads to more oxygen and more nutrients in our system.


10. Stress relief

That relaxed feeling you get after every exercise session is due to the increase of endorphins (the feel-good hormone) through the blood. This hormone dramatically improves the mood and reduces pain.  Also, it counters many symptoms of depression.


11. Better sleep

The fact that regular exercise helps people fall asleep faster is scientifically proven. They also enjoy a deeper uninterrupted sleep hence improving the quality of sleep.


12. Self-discipline

Discipline is a virtue requiring regular training.  So, when you do regular exercise, you’ll find it easier to follow a disciplined routine.  Exercise forces you to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.  Being able to embrace awkward situations is paramount to success.  Apply this mentality to other parts of your life that are challenging.


13. Better brain function

Regular exercise improves the blood circulation which delivers oxygen to the brain at a faster pace. In turn, it reduces fatigue and improves sharper thinking.


14. Increased self-esteem

Self-esteem is essential in self-development. Regular exercise plays a significant role in enhancing it by improving your body shape and appearance. Consequently, it boosts your self-esteem.


15. Improved sex life

Daily physical activity betters sexual performance leading to higher sexual satisfaction.  It goes back to the fact that physical activity increases levels of testosterone which boost sex drive and arousal in men and women.  It ’s also associated with a lower risk of erectile dysfunction.


Do you exercise daily?  Do you think that daily physical activity is essential? What are some of the benefits that you experience? Meet me in the comment section below and share your ideas because I would love to hear from you.


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