watermelon juice

Watermelon Juice Recipe

Watermelon Juice – a refreshing, cooling, rehydrating and rejuvenating juice, packed with vitamins, nutrients, and minerals.  It’s so sweet and delicious too, perfect for hot summer days.  Ever ...  Read More >>>

mango juice

Mango Juice Recipe (All-natural Mango juice)

Yoo-hoo. It’s summer again, and in my household, this is a time for eating fruits and drinking their juices.  On that note, I present to you my mango juice.  It is one of the juices we have ...  Read More >>>

banana cinnamon green smoothie

Banana Cinnamon Green Smoothie Recipe

In case you are in the quest for a perfect breakfast recipe, this Banana Cinnamon Green smoothie is the perfect one for you.  It is my go-to smoothie, and I never get tired of drinking it.  Don’t ...  Read More >>>

kenyan ginger teaKenyan Ginger Tea (Chai ya Tangawizi)

Kenyan Ginger Tea (Chai ya Tangawizi)

Kenyan ginger tea is also known as Chai ya Tangawizi in Swahili is an herbal beverage.  It consists of ginger, black tea, milk, and sugar. This ginger tea has been a staple in Kenya for so ...  Read More >>>

immune boosting drink

Immune Boosting Drink (Immunity Booster)

Are you feeling under the weather?  If the answer is yes, then you might want to consider trying this immune boosting drink.  Just as the name suggests, this drink has immune boosting properties.  ...  Read More >>>