African beef stew

African Beef Stew (West African style)

African beef stew –  a mouth-watering stew cooked in a blend of tomato, peppers, and herbs.  This African beef stew is tasty, savory and spicy.  It makes my kitchen smell glorious, and everyone ...  Read more >>>

African meat pies

African Meat Pies (Beef Empanadas)

These African meat pies have the flakiest and buttery crust, with a moist and mouth-watering filling.  The filling consists of minced meat and a choice of vegetables.  Add Habanero peppers for a little ...  Read more >>>


Kachumbari Recipe (Kenyan Tomato and Onion Salad)

Kachumbari is an east African salad eaten mainly in Kenya.

It is also popular in the neighboring countries like Tanzania, Uganda, and Zanzibar.

This Kenyan salad consists of tomatoes and onions as the ...  Read more >>>

kenyan ginger teaKenyan Ginger Tea (Chai ya Tangawizi)

Kenyan Ginger Tea (Chai ya Tangawizi)

Kenyan ginger tea is also known as Chai ya Tangawizi in Swahili is an herbal beverage.  It consists of ginger, black tea, milk, water, and sugar. This ginger tea has been a staple in Kenya ...  Read more >>>