african pepper soup

African Pepper Soup – Oxtail

African pepper soup (Pepe soup) is one of my favorite African dishes to make in the kitchen. This soup has such a deep, rich flavor. If you’ve never had this pepper soup, you are really missing out.


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Tortilla Recipe

Flour Tortilla- soft and chewy flatbread that you can use to wrap up anything that tickles your fancy.  This flatbread is so quick to make and requires just a handful of ingredients.


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chicken fajita pasta

Chicken Fajita Pasta Recipe

This chicken fajita pasta is a dish of sautéed chicken, bell peppers and pasta cooked in a creamy cheesy sauce. An easy dinner option that’s ready in 25 minutes and a total crowd pleaser! 


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chicken fajita

Chicken Fajita Recipe

A Chicken Fajita recipe that is so simple and delicious, it will blow your mind.  The chicken and fresh bell peppers are sauteed and seasoned with chili flakes, paprika, and parsley, etc. With this meal, you can have a healthy ...  Read more >>>


Chicken Curry Pasta Recipe

Chicken Curry Pasta with juicy chicken, onions, tomatoes, and mixed veggies in a flavorfully seasoned curry sauce. This is a delicious, no-guilt dinner that is rich and creamy thanks to a healthy coconut-based curry sauce.


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mango lemonade

Mango Lemonade Recipe

Mango Lemonade is a refreshing, healthy and exotic lemonade that is full of flavor and perfect for any hot summer day.  Everybody needs something exotic and healthy like this mango lemonade recipe.


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Lemonade Recipe

Easy homemade lemonade recipe that is lightly sweetened with sugar or honey and made with freshly squeezed lemons. Celebrate the warmer weather with a refreshing glass of this Lemonade!


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strawberry jam

Strawberry Jam Recipe

Easy Strawberry Jam recipe that is not only so delicious and fruity but also quick and easy to make. This Jam has the perfect balance between sweet and sour; your family will be impressed at the breakfast table.


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lentil soup

Lentil Soup Recipe

Lentil Soup recipe that is easy to make with a deliciously creamy texture. High in protein, weight loss approved and full of incredible flavor.  Hello, healthy comfort food!


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east african chapati

East African Chapati Recipe

Easy East African Chapati recipe that’s made without yeast or baking powder. You’ll love how soft and pliable this Kenyan chapati is, making it perfect to use as a wrap or to dunk into sauces.  The possibilities are endless! 

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african bean stew

African Bean Stew Recipe

African Bean Stew-a hearty, delicious meal fully loaded with creamy beans, onions, celery, and carrots. This bean stew is simmered in a rich seasoned coconut-based broth to perfect creaminess.


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poulet dg

Poulet DG (Cameroonian Plantain and Chicken Stew)

Poulet DG- an exotic tomato-based West African plantain and chicken stew.  Full of not only flavorful chicken and sweet plantains, but also carrots, green beans, onion, and a touch of heat from habanero peppers.


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